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SimplyBank received its original charter of incorporation on May 31, 1890 and opened for business immediately thereafter. In June of that same year, the first board of directors were elected. SimplyBank has gone from what was once a barber shop to the main office’s current location at the corner of Front Street and Rhea Avenue in Spring City. Since the first day of operation, over 100 years ago, SimplyBank’s goal is to uphold the same great service that our customers have grown accustomed to. SimplyBank has branches in Spring City, Dayton, Rockwood, Harriman, South Dayton, and Benton in order to serve you. The strong business principles that we have adopted in the beginning are still our ambitions today. We are honored to be a community bank serving the people of Rhea, Roane and Polk Counties.



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We at SimplyBank are proud of our service to the community and our community bank status.  For in-depth financial information on SimplyBank, including balance sheet, income statement, performance and condition ratios, or demographic information, please visit the FDIC’s Institutional Directory database.

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