Money Matters for Students

High School Students

You’re thinking about your future. Graduation is on the horizon. Major decisions are in play. You need the right resources to make the leap from high school to “the real world.” Help with tough homework. SAT prep. College options. Choosing a major. Financial calculators for student loans and financial aid. The pros and cons of vocational training vs taking a “gap year”. Guides to set up checking accounts, savings accounts. Balancing accounts. Click here for everything you need to know.


College and Vocational Students

More tips and tools to help you launch from college life to career. How to make money. Manage money. Save money. Invest money. Financial calculators and tools to determine affordable rent. Understanding credit cards. Squeaky clean credit scores. Qualifying for car loans. Paying off student loans. Building a resume. Scouting the job market and landing the interview. Look now, there’s a link for it here.

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