08/19/2020: PPP Spotlight: Very, LLC

“Those were scary times for everyone, and businesses were scrambling to find a friend in the storm,” says Prosser, looking back. “Now it’s easy to see that a banking relationship is about more than an interest rate.”

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07/21/2020: PPP Spotlight: Project K-9 Hero

“These bills don’t stop,” Johnson says, the sound of a generator humming in the background to keep air conditioning running for his dogs. “You can’t tell a dog who’s sick, like Axel, ‘Hey man, you can’t have cancer because of this COVID.’”

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07/07/2020: PPP spotlight: Spring City Pharmacy

Then [Zimmerman] turned to SimplyBank, and Larry Cunningham – a 44-year banking veteran and Spring City native like Zimmerman – stepped in.

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