Our Trusted Mortgage Lenders or NMLS

Securing a mortgage is simply one of the single, largest investments you’ll make. You want to make sure you’re working with a licensed institution and licensed mortgage lenders. Meet Simply Bank’s team of Mortgage Loan Officers (MLO). The bank and each one of our MLOs are registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, or NMLS. You can identify all of us by our ID numbers. That means you’re working with a reputable and trusted individual and institution. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kathy Adams Lender, MLO 556212

Chris Barton Lender, MLO 554116

Steve Byerly Lender, MLO 556208

Joshua Calbaugh Lender, MLO 1460755

Mary Jane Crowe Lender, MLO 502513

Larry Cunningham Lender, MLO 1603977

Virginia Ellis Lender, MLO 554072

Candy Hatcher Lender, MLO 556214

Kim Lacombe Lender, MLO 615121

Gail Lyke Lender, MLO 554108

Connie McClendon Lender, MLO 638079

Jason Miles Lender, MLO 556269

Jennifer Morris Lender, MLO 1603944

Michael Reed Lender, MLO 469919

Jenny Richards Lender, MLO 615122

Geoff Robinson Lender, MLO 597426

Chasity Smith Lender, MLO 624008

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