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The market needs you creating solutions, not worrying about the back office — that’s why we’re here to help guide you in your mission to build a successful business. Our treasury management services are designed to help you optimize cash flow and make the overall daily financial management easier, so you can get back to saving the day, and less waiting around a bank lobby.


>> Business Online Banking | Free online tools to make running a business easier.

Visibility and money management at your fingertips, around-the-clock

Welcome to SimplyBank online account management. With around-the-clock visibility from your desktop or laptop, this tool is designed to help you monitor your business deposit accounts and manage your cashflow, meaning peace of mind is just a few clicks away.

>> ACH Services and Payroll Direct Deposit | Automate incoming and outgoing payments.

Low-touch payment and payroll management — no paper required

Automate both the collection of regularly-occurring payments coming in to your business and regularly-occurring outgoing payments like payroll. With ACH and direct deposit services, your customers and clients no longer have to track you down or drop checks in the mail, and your employees are paid on-time every time, with no wasted paper.

>> Remote Deposit Capture | Quick payment processing without leaving work

Cut out midday distractions and bank trips with on-site check deposit tools and technology 

Put money directly into your account from wherever you are with our remote deposit service. Same-day remote deposit processing and instant visibility with online and mobile business banking make your day more productive by eliminating unnecessary trips to the bank.

>> Wire Transfers | Send money around the world

Moving money is an important part of your business — we get it and are here to help

The path from here to there can get tricky when you’re moving money. It’s why we’re here — to move money safely and quickly via wire transfers and ensure everything goes smoothly.

>> Positive Pay | Increased oversight of your business’ spending

Review outgoing payments for potential fraud and gain a chance to cross-reference with approved payments to stop potential fraud in its tracks

Protect your business against fraud by reviewing outgoing checks before they’re processed. Our positive pay system shows you all outgoing checks, so you have the opportunity to take a closer look at payments made by you and your team. Any outgoing check not on your issued check list can either be OK’d by you for processing or flagged for return, avoiding potential loss and claims.

>> Sweep Accounts | Touchless money movement to maximize your deposits

Automatically gain additional interest by moving your deposits at the end of day

You want your money to always be working for you. These accounts make it happen by automatically transferring extra funds into a higher-interest-earning account at the close of each business day.

>> Zero Balance Accounts | Air traffic control for your various accounts

Keep your primary account out of the weeds and cut down fraud risk 

Maximize your investment potential with this service that automatically funds disbursement accounts from a main operating account, helping eliminate overdraft risk as well.

Made for swiping.

>> Business Credit Card | Available credit at the swipe of a card

Put your business’ purchases on credit and payoff with potential cash back 

Straightforward spending tools and management software are in your hands with a business credit card. One account, countless applications, complete with online account management and transaction visibility. Platinum card (no annual fee) and platinum card with cash back (only $79 annual fee) available.

>> Business Purchasing Card (PCard) | Spending tools and oversight for your team

Control over who spends what, with card assignment and spending rules and restrictions for your team

Unparalleled visibility and controls are at your fingertips with a VISA business purchasing card (P Card). Assign cards to specific users in your company, set card-specific spending rules and restrictions and gain visibility and reporting management for all transactions via an online dashboard and expense management software. All with cash back options.

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